NeumannConsult offers specialised knowledge in urban, regional and tourism development as well as accessibility and Design for All. NeumannConsult can rely on an over fifteen-year experience to handle with practical consultation, trainings, and research assignment.

We offer the following practical consultancy services:

  • Compiling of analyses, studies and concepts as well as operational guidelines
  • Presentations, workshops and project management
  • Training courses, individual seminars and coachings

The team of NeumannConsult is project-oriented supported by a number of freelancers who have widespread experience. We multidisciplinary cooperate with acknowledged experts from all over Europe. This network allows us, to offer our principals qualified and custom made solutions. 

Director of NeumannConsult is Peter Neumann. Beside that he is project manager at the Department for Geography at the University of Münster. Peter is President of  Design for All - Germany (EDAD) and member of the German DIN CERTCO Expert-Group in the specific field of “barrier-free plannings, buildings and products” (Register-number G031), moreover member of the “ECA Expert- Group” (European Concept for Accessibility Network), of AGD- Alliance of German Designers, of ENAT - European Network for Accessible Tourism,of the Alliance of German Designers, and of the German Society of Tourism Research (DGT).

Last but not least he is Professor of Tourism Economics at IUBH - International University of Applied Science.

Selection of projects:

Project "Economic Impact and Travel Patterns of Accessible Tourism in Europe", commissioned by the European Commission. Joint project with Significant GfK (Belgium), University of Surrey (UK), ProAsolutions (Spain). (2013-2014)

Project "Developing criteria for guiding SME activities aimed at incorporating the Design for All concept in corporate practices", commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology. Joint project with grauwert, TU Hamburg-Harburg und EDAD. (2012-2014)

EU-Project IDEALTOUR (Integrated Development for Environmental Accessible Leisure TOURism) - in Zusammenarbeit mit Castiglione del Lago (Italy), Comunità Montana Associazione dei Comuni Trasimeno Medio Tevere (Italy), Bournemouth University (UK), AISM (Italy), Consorzio URAT (Italy) (2015-2017)

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